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Long-Term Care Insurance Act

This long-term care system is supported by the entire society, and individuals who need nursing care can voluntarily receive services for health, medical, and welfare without worry.

  Qualification (Everyone 40 and older should enroll in this system.)
i. Class 1 Insured: Members 65 and older
  ii. Class 2 Insured: Members 40 to 64 and their dependents

  Outline of the Long-Term Care Insurance
  Class 1 Insured Class 2 Insured
Payment of Premium Deducted from pension as a rule Deducted from salary, similar to short-term befit premium
Who Receive the Services? Individuals who require nursing care on a regular basis for daily living needs due to bedridden condition or dementia.
Individuals who require support for household chores and dressing.
Individuals who require nursing care due to age-related diseases such as early-stage geriatric dementia and cerebrovascular disorders
How to Receive the Services Approval as a patient who requires long-term care or support by the local municipality or ward

Service fees borne by the Beneficiaries

10% of the cost for the organization providing the service (Patients separately pay for their own meals when they use services at a facility.)
“High-cost nursing service cost” and “high-cost nursing prevention service cost”
When the 10% patient copayment is too high, a payment cap is set up. Upon request, the municipality or special ward will pay the amount exceeding such capped amount at a later date.
These fees may be combined with expenses of the medical insurance.

While dependents 40 to 64 are insured under Class 2, they do not have to pay a separate premium.