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People Insured by the National Annuity

The national annuity (basic pensions) provides everyone the basic security in their retirement living.

1 Types of People Insured

Individuals insured by the national annuity are divided into the following three categories.

Classification of National Annuity Members
Class 1 Insured
Self-employed people, students
Self-employed people, farmers, students, and others who reside in Japan and 20 or older and younger than 60, who also do not fall under Class 2 or 3 insured categories
Class 2 Insured
Private-sector corporate employees, public servants, employees of national university corporations
Members of a Mutual Aid Association, Individuals covered by an employees’ pension plan, and teachers and staff of private schools
Class 3 Insured
Spouses supported by individuals covered under Class 2
Dependent spouses of individuals covered under Class 2 who are 20 or older and younger than 60.

A full-time employee of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Independent Administrative Institutes under the jurisdiction of this Ministry, and National university corporations becomes a member of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Mutual Aid Association starting on the date of hire, as well as becoming insured under Class 2. His/her dependent spouse 20 or older and younger than 60 becomes insured under Class 3.

2 Insurance Premiums

The premium for the national annuity for the member of a Mutual Aid Association is included in the premium (long-term premium) collected monthly. The Association deposits this premium in the national annuity system together with the premium for the dependent spouse. There is no need to pay the premium separately.

3 Notification of an Individual Qualified to be Insured Under Class 3

Upon qualification as a member of the Association, the member becomes an insured of the national annuity. For the member’s dependent spouse to obtain the qualification as an individual insured under Class 3, notification to the pension office is required via the Mutual Aid Association. Failing to notify may result in the inability to receive pensions in the future.

1When Do You Need to Notify?

(1) When you become the dependent spouse of a member
  (2) When you become a dependent spouse of a member due to termination of employment and other reasons
  (3) When you move your residence
  (4) When you change your name
  (5) When you die
  (6) When you are no longer a dependent of the member (e.g., due to divorce, or when the spouse’s regular annual income exceeds 1,300,000 yen)
  (7) When you lose your Class 2 insured status because the member reaches age 65, or due to retirement or death.

2How to Notify

Enter the required information on the appropriate form such as “Notification of National Annuity Class 3 Insured Qualification, Class Change, or Class Verification (Class 3 Qualification)” and submit it to the branch office of the Mutual Aid Association within 30 days of the occurrence of the event for notification.

4 Basic Pension Number

On September 1, 1997, the Japan Pension Service (former Social Insurance Agency) launched the basic pension number system.
The basic pension number is a number uniquely assigned to an individual who enrols in any public pension system for the first time. This number is the same for all public pension systems. This number does not change even if you forfeit your membership or become insured by another Mutual Aid Association or an employees’ pension.
Members of the Mutual Aid Association receive this basic pension number by submitting the “Report of acquisition of long-term membership.” Once the number is assigned, “The Basic Pension Number Notification” is delivered to the member via his/her department. Because this notification document is required for verification of pension plan enrolment record and other reasons, store it in a safe place.