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Injury Caused by Others

When the member or his/her dependent suffers injury in an event such as a traffic accident, the offender (a third party) should naturally pay for the medical treatment fees, unless the victim is at serious fault.
However, parties in these circumstances are often unable to reach an agreement in reality. For this reason, members and their dependents may use their card to receive medical treatment.
In these circumstances, contact the Mutual Aid Association immediately to submit the application for damage compensation.
The reason for this application is for the Association to acquire the right to claim the medical cost payment (the subrogation claim right) to the offender on behalf of the victim.
An actual traffic accident involves difficult issues such as the rate of negligence for both parties and aftereffects of the accident. Taking an easy way with the settlement may cause the inability to claim these medical costs to the offender, as well as the victim having to pay for his/her own medical costs incurred after the settlement. Settlement procedures therefore should be followed with great care while keeping in touch with the Mutual Aid Association.

  Things to Keep in Mind when You Run into a Traffic Accident

(1) Verify the offender.
    If you become a victim of a traffic accident, it is important to ensure that you obtain the other driver’s name, address, telephone number, driver’s license number, the name of the vehicle owner, and the vehicle’s registration number, and write them down.
(2) Obtain the other party’s policy number for automobile liability insurance.
    Write down the name of the insurance company, the certificate number, and the date of purchase.
(3) Report the accident to the police and receive an accident verification report.
    Make sure to report even the smallest accident to the police and receive an accident verification report, which will act as a critical document when settling or claiming damage compensation at a later date.
(4) Make sure to report the accident to the Mutual Aid Association.
    Receive instructions from the Association as well.
(5) Receive treatment from a physician even if the injury is mild.
    You may feel there is nothing wrong with you immediately after the accident. It often happens, however, that you start to feel a pain later on, and medical consultation proves that you have a serious condition. Therefore, it is critical that you receive an examination and treatment from a specialist.
If you pay the healthcare organization out of pocket, make sure you receive a receipt.
(6) Conduct settlement talks with care.
    It is very risky to provide your seal without reading the settlement document or receipt. Conduct settlement talks with care by carefully reading the content of the document. Because you may suffer from aftereffects of the accident, do not rush to finish the settlement. Consult the specialist organization and/or the Mutual Aid Association.