1 Acquisition of Membership

When hired as a national public servant, a full-time executive or employee of an Independent Administrative Institute, or an employee of a Mutual Aid Association, you automatically become a dues-paying member of the Mutual Aid Association as of the date of hire. At the same time, you can start receiving various benefits offered by the Mutual Aid Association.

2 Forfeiture of Membership

Retirement or death of a member will forfeit the membership on the day following the event. In the case of Item 4 below, however, a member can continue coverage for a specified length of time after retirement as a special member of the original association, if he or she desires so.

3 Continuing Long-Term Insurance Members

If a member, upon request from an officer with appointing authority or someone who has been delegated the appointing authority from the officer, retires in order to become an executive or employee of an institution such as a government-affiliated financial corporation, the member is not considered to have retired as far as the application of the rules regarding the long-term benefits, and will keep his/her membership.

Membership Is Forfeited When...
(1) Five years has passed since the change of positions.
(2) The member vacates the position of an executive or employee of an institution such as a government-affiliated financial corporation.
(3) The member dies.

4 Voluntarily-Continuing Insurance Members

If an individual who has been a member continuously for a year or longer until the day before retirement desires to continue to receive short-term benefits and welfare services beyond retirement, he/she can become a voluntarily-continuing insurance member for up to two years, as long as the application is filed within 20 days following the retirement date and the premium is paid.
Absence benefits, loan services, savings account services, and group permanent benefits do not apply in this case (some other services may not be available).

Membership Is Forfeited When...
(1) Two years has passed since the member became a voluntarily-continuing insurance member.
(2) The member dies.
(3) The premium for the voluntarily-continuing insurance has not been paid by the due date.
(4) The member becomes a member of another Mutual Aid Association, or becomes insured by another health insurance.
(5) The last date of the month in which the Association receives notice of the member’s intention to discontinue his/her status as a voluntarily-continuing insurance member.