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Outline of Long-Term Benefits

One of the activities carried out by the Mutual Aid Association is the long-term benefit program.
The long-term benefit program aims to guarantee the livelihood of Association Members and their families by providing pension, allowance and other benefits in the event of retirement, disability due to unexpected accident or an Association Member's death.
The program provides benefits in three areas: old-age benefit (employees' old-age pension), disability benefit (employees' disability pension and lump-sum disability allowance) and survivor benefit (survivors' welfare pension).
It should be noted that, following the integration of public-private pension programs, a pension-type retirement benefit shall be paid due to the abolishment of the former third-tier pension scheme. For those who were Association Members before the integration, the annuity amount equivalent to the original third-tier pension amount shall be paid as a transitional third-tier pension.
Decisions on and payments of the long-term benefits shall be made by the Federation of National Public Service Personnel Mutual Aid Associations.
In addition to the long-term benefits provided by the Mutual Aid Associations, National Pension provides basic pensions (basic old-age pension, basic disability pension and basic survivors' pension).