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Healthcare Treatment after Retirement

The types of the insurance plan you can be enroled in change upon retirement.
The applicable medical insurance differs depending on whether you are re-employed, becomes a dependent of his/her child, or other factors.

1 Re-Employment

If the new employer is an insurance coverage-applied business operator, you can enrol in that insurance plan
If your new employer does not offer a health insurance coverage plan, you will become a voluntarily-continuing insurance member of the Mutual Aid Association, or enrol in the National Health Insurance through your municipality.

2 If You Are Not Re-Employed

Because Japan requires all citizens to be enrolled in a health insurance system, you will choose one of the following options.
  (1) Become a voluntarily-continuing insurance member.
  (2) Enroll in the National Health Insurance.
  (3) Become a dependent of your child or another relative.

1Become a Voluntarily-Continuing Insurance Member

If an individual who has been a member continuously for one year or longer until the day prior to retirement desires to receive short-term benefits and welfare services after retirement, he/she can receive almost the same benefits provided for the regular members for two years after retirement as a voluntarily-continuing insurance member.

  Please see here.
Enrolment Procedure
  Within 20 days of your retirement, submit the application form stating your intention of becoming a voluntarily-continuing insurance member to the branch to which you have been reporting.
  Two years
  Please see here.
  For short-term benefits and welfare services, you can receive almost the same benefits as when you were active member.
However, you are not eligible for the benefit for absence from work under the short-term benefit services, and loans/group trust/savings/group permanent services under the welfare services (some types of benefits under the other services are also not available to you).

2Enroll in the National Health Insurance

Local municipalities administer the National Health Insurance. Thus, the municipality where you reside is responsible for the enrolment procedure, provision of insurance benefits, and collection of insurance premiums.

  You become eligible on the day you lose qualification for the coverage under the insurance of the Mutual Aid Association or your employer.
Enrolment Procedure
  Within 14 days of losing your insurance qualification, apply to the municipality where you reside.
  Each municipality calculates the premium based on income, number of household members, or another basis for each enrolled household.
Medical Benefits
  70% of the costs is paid for both the head of the household and the family members (copayment ratio is 30%).
  Please inquire at the municipality where you reside for details.

3Become a Dependent of Your Child or Another Relative

If an individual does not become insured of any insurance, he/she will enroll in the health insurance system of his/her child or a family member as a dependent.
To become a dependent, there are limits to the amount of income and other factors, similar to the case of the Mutual Aid Association.