Membership Card

Upon notification, members are issued a “membership card” for the Mutual Aid Association, and the “member’s dependent cards” (hereafter “dependent cards”) for their dependents. Membership cards and dependent cards verify the eligibility of the member and his/her dependents for treatment for illness and injury at healthcare institutions. Please read the following carefully, and keep the cards in a safe place.

Do not lose the card.
Do not rewrite the contents.
Never loan the card to others.
Do not have hospitals keep the card.

Report to the Mutual Aid Association immediately if there are any changes in the items (e.g., address, and changes in dependents information) in your membership card, your card is damaged, or you have lost your card.
If you have lost your membership card, please report it to a nearby police station, as it is a valuable item.
When you are no longer a member of the Association due to retirement or other reasons, please return the membership card immediately.
To verify the items listed on the membership card, the requirements for the members’ dependents are verified annually. Report immediately any changes in the statuses of the member’s dependents due to birth, marriage, new employment, death, or increase or decrease in income.

Handling of Membership Cards and Dependent Cards
When... What To Do
You lose your membership card or dependent card. Complete the form “Application for Reissuance of Membership Card.”
You need a new dependent card due to childbirth or marriage. Complete the form “Application for Dependent” accompanied by a verification material.
You no longer need a dependent card due to a dependent’s employment, death, and so forth. Complete the form “Application for Dependent” accompanied by a verification material and the card that is no longer needed.
There has been a change in the name of the member or one of the dependents. Complete the form “Application for Changes in Information on the Membership Card” accompanied by the membership card or dependent card affected.
The address of the member or one of the dependents has changed. Complete the form “Application for Changes in Information on the Membership Card.” The address on the reverse side should be corrected by the member or the dependent affected.
You lose your membership. Return the membership card and dependent cards immediately.
You desire to continue your membership after you lose your membership. Complete the form “Application for Voluntarily Continuing Insurance Member.” Complete the form “Application for Dependent” if there are any dependents (please return the old membership card and dependent cards).
Illness or injury has been caused by another person. If you are using your membership card or a dependent card, report to your department immediately and complete the form “Application for Damage Compensation.”