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Childbirth: Childbirth Benefit

The following childbirth benefit is paid to members or their dependents who give birth.

Member Dependent
Childbirth Benefit 488,000 yen Family Childbirth Benefit 488,000 yen
40,000 yen Family Supplementary
Childbirth Benefit
40,000 yen


For pregnancies of four month (85 days) or longer, the childbirth benefit or family childbirth benefit, as well as their respective supplementary benefits will be paid, even in cases of abnormal deliveries such as stillbirth and miscarriage, and artificial abortion.

  2. In cases of multiple children beyond twins are born, the benefit is paid for each child.
  3. When the child is delivered at a medical facility that is a member of the obstetrical care compensation system, 12,000 yen, the amount equivalent of the premium for the obstetrical care compensation system, will be added to the childbirth benefit (the amount equivalent to the actual premium will be paid if it is less than 12,000 yen).
  4. The system regarding the direct payment of expenses concerning the child delivery to the healthcare facilities and the proxy receipt system are in place. These systems are intended to reduce the financial burden of paying maternity related bills at the cashier of the healthcare facilities.
For details, please inquire at the mutual aid department of your local branch.

If you do not use the direct payment system or the proxy receipt system, please submit the claim form for childbirth/family childbirth costs together with the physician’s verification of childbirth (or attach the physician’s own form) and other required forms.